Detecting Cancer Earlier

Thanks to new technology and widely available screenings, more people are diagnosed with cancer in earlier stages, when it’s easier to treat. Studies show that these screenings reduce your risk of dying from cancer:

  • Colonoscopy for colon cancer
  • Mammography for breast cancer
  • Digital rectal exam for prostate cancer in men
  • Pap smear for cervical cancer in women
  • Low-dose computed tomography (CT) scan for lung cancer
  • Skin cancer screening for melanoma and other skin cancers

You may not need all of these screenings. Your Ellis Medicine doctor can help you determine what screenings you need and when based on your risk factors.

Depending on your family history of cancer, you may also benefit from genetic testing. Genetic tests can help determine your risk for cancer. If you are at high-risk, you can start screenings at an earlier age or take other steps to prevent cancer.

Know Your Risk
Genetic testing for cancer.

Live-Saving Cancer Care, nearby in your community.

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