The latest medical oncology treatments, close to home

Through our partnership with Roswell Park, all Ellis Medicine cancer patients now have access to the latest medical oncology treatments, like chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy. We offer comprehensive services to treat all types and stages of cancer.

Medical oncology treatments include:

  • Chemoradiation therapy that combines medicines with radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy that uses IV medicines, pills, injections or creams to kill cancer cells Targeted therapies to attack specific types of cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone
  • Hormone therapy helps slow or stop the growth of certain cancers
  • Immunotherapy to use your immune cells to attack cancer

Each treatment has its own benefits, side effects and risks. Your care team will talk to you about your treatment options so you can select the treatment plan that works best for you, your cancer and your lifestyle.

Live-Saving Cancer Care, nearby in your community.

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