Access the latest, most innovative cancer treatment--including 200+ clinical trials

Thanks to our new partnership with Roswell Park, patients with cancer at Ellis Medicine now have access to the latest clinical trials for all types of cancer. Clinical trials allow you to try promising new treatments, like immunotherapy or a new type of chemotherapy.

By enrolling in a clinical trial, you not only have new hope for destroying cancer cells, but you help improve the future of cancer care for other patients. Any medicine that is now available to treat cancer first started as a clinical trial.

Clinical trials have very specific rules and guidelines to ensure safety and quality results. While up to half of all patients qualify for a clinical trial, you might only qualify if you are a certain age, have or have not received specific other treatments or have a specific type of cancer. Your doctor can help you determine if there is a clinical trial available for you.

Learn more about current clinical trials and see if you qualify.

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