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Cancer treatment is complex. Accessing the right cancer care shouldn't be. At Ellis Medicine, we understand that the right cancer treatment is different for every patient depending on your health, your type of cancer, and where your cancer is located. Even your cancer’s DNA can impact what treatment you get.

That’s why we have partnered with Roswell Park to collaborate with a nationally recognized team to offer you the latest in cancer treatment.


Comprehensive Cancer Care for All Types of Cancer

The most common types of treatment we offer include:

  • Chemotherapy (medicines that kill cancer cells)
  • Surgery to remove cancer cells
  • Radiation therapy (using radiation to target and destroy cancer cells)
  • Immunotherapy (medicines to help your immune system kill cancer cells)

You might need just one type of treatment or you may need all types of treatment. Your Ellis Medicine care team will personalize your care plan to ensure it fits your needs and gives you the best chance at a great outcome.

We believe your treatment plan should also include supportive care. That might mean treatments that aren’t fighting your cancer, but are improving your quality of life by easing symptoms or improving your health. These treatments might include:

  • Infusion therapy to replace lost blood cells
  • Alternative therapies, like yoga or tai chi, to improve mental and physical health
  • Nutrition advice to improve your health
  • Palliative care to reduce pain, nausea or other side effects from cancer or its treatment
  • Spiritual counseling or psychological therapy for your emotional health

At Ellis Medicine, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout cancer treatment. That’s why we offer these supportive therapies to improve your quality of life even as you battle cancer.

Life-saving cancer care, nearby in your community.

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