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Feel confident in your cancer care.

No two cancers are alike. When making a decision about your cancer care, you should feel informed and confident. It is important to seek a second opinion before treatment begins to ensure the diagnosis is correct and that the treatment plan is appropriate. Speaking to a different physician may help you to identify other treatment options that might be more effective.

At Ellis Medicine, it's easy to get a second opinion from the nationally recognized experts at Roswell Park. In fact, it happens without you having to ask.

Through our partnership, you will be connected to highly specialized medical oncologists (doctors who provide cancer care) who have experience and expertise in your specific type of cancer. They work with your doctors at Ellis Medicine to ensure you are getting the right diagnosis and treatment.

For more information about Roswell Park second opinions or signs that indicate you need a second opinion, consult the Roswell Park site.

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Life-saving cancer care, nearby in your community.

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