Cancer support as healing as the treatment.

Cancer is more than a physical journey; it is an emotional one, too. Through our partnership with Roswell Park Care Network, we are able to expand the support services offered to patients and their caregivers. We strive to give you access to resources that can make your journey even a little bit easier, including:

Cancer Coaches

The Cancer Coach Program at Roswell Park matches current cancer patients with cancer survivors who have been through it. This mentorship style program helps you connect with someone who understands your experiences and can offer genuine peer support. Our care team will match you with a coach based on your cancer type, stage, age, and gender.

Caregiver Support

We know caregivers are also highly affected by a cancer diagnosis. They may feel the same fear, anger, or sadness that their loved ones feel. We believe caregiver support should be included in every treatment plan; that’s how vital it can be to positive outcomes.

Online Support and Education

Through our exclusive partnership with Roswell Park, you’ll also have access to online resources such as the Roswell Park Online Cancer Community. In this online community, you can share your experiences and learn about what others with your type of cancer have been through. Patients and caregivers from around the world can share their experiences and give advice on things like dealing with side effects.

You can also use reliable online resources to learn about your cancer and your treatment. Through the Roswell Park Patient Education Library. you can find information about specific cancers, medicines, treatments and more. The MyRoswell Newsletter also delivers up-to-date cancer information directly to your inbox so you can explore the latest news.


Just because your treatment is over doesn’t mean you don’t need support anymore. We continue to offer supportive care to survivors, including helping to manage side effects of treatments. Your Ellis Medicine care team is always ready to care for you, whether you finished treatment last week or years ago.

Life-saving cancer care, nearby in your community.

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