Expert prostate cancer treatment that’s right for you

You may want treatment right away when you hear you have prostate cancer. But it’s important to remember that prostate cancer is slow-growing, so you have many treatment options—including delaying treatment altogether.

Prostate cancer treatment can have side effects, such as erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and other issues that significantly affect your life. Your doctor might recommend you avoid treatment if:

  • You have slow-growing cancer in the early stages (only in your prostate).
  • You have a small tumor that can’t be felt with a digital rectal exam.
  • You are an older man that may not live another 20 years.

If you choose surveillance, you’ll receive regular tests to ensure your cancer isn’t growing. If it becomes more aggressive or larger at any point, you can still begin treatment at that time. Treatment will still be effective, even if you wait.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

If you have more aggressive or late-stage cancer, you and your doctor might choose to start treatment. Your treatment plan will depend on what type of prostate cancer you have and if it has spread to other areas of your body. Your treatment might include:

  • Surgery to remove the prostate and cancer
  • Chemotherapy to kill cancer cells anywhere in the body
  • Immunotherapy to use your own immune system to destroy cancer cells
  • External beam radiation therapy for burning away prostate cancer cells from the outside
  • Hormone therapy to slow or stop tumor growthc

We strive to offer you the best treatment options for your specific cancer, whether you want care now or in the future. Through our partnership, you can get expert opinions from Roswell Park doctors on what type of treatment is best for you and feel confident in your care.

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